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Divers Uncover Secrets of Ancient Urdovisa

Date: 10.09.2006

Subaquatic archeologists have been collecting the unique finds for 28 years now

Unique finds from a prehistoric settlement situated along the present-day Bulgarian Black Sea coast were exhibited in Kiten yesterday. The exhibition is called The Secrets of the Sea Bottom. All finds that have been collected during subaquatic archeological expeditions in the last 28 years were displayed

More than five thousand years ago in the territory of the present-day southern Bay of Kiten there was a settlement with a highly developed culture. It was called Urdovisa. Its ancient inhabitants lived at the seashore and were skilful craftsmen. They manufactured beautiful amphorae and various ceramic vessels. They were extremely good navigators, fishermen and hunters but lived mainly by farming. After a terrible natural calamity the ancient civilization vanished and was buried at the bottom of the sea where it lies until today. This is only part of the history of the Urdovisa fortress uncovered after a series of subaquatic archeological expeditions. Evidence of the existence of the ancient civilization has been gathered by the Bulgarian Subaquatic Archeology Center for 28 years now.

Teams of archeologists, biologists, geologists and even geophysicists have worked tirelessly during all these years to unveil the mystery of Urdovisa. Their finds enabled experts to get a better understanding of this ancient civilization that lived around III century B.C. Most of the artifacts were discovered during the expeditions in 1987 and 1989. One of the most precious finds is a huge perfectly preserved amphora.

Divers have even managed to unearth a pair of well-preserved horns belonging to a now extinct species of buffalo.

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